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Saturday, May 26, 2012

Francis Chan Mission First

"If I just read the Scriptures, I wouldn’t even think so much about the gathering. You know–Like, my first thought wouldn’t be, “Let’s have a gathering.” Out of the Scriptures, I would think, “I’m on a mission. Like, I love this God with all my heart, soul, mind and strength and now I’ve got to go out and make disciples.” That’s what I would think. I need to go out there and just reach as many people as I can! I’m supposed to teach them to obey everything that’s God commanded–that’s what I would get out of Scripture. And then what would happen as I did that–what I believe would naturally happen–is suddenly I would find those other people who are on that same mission because we’d be the weirdest people on earth. Right?

We would stick out, we’d be so different, and that pressure to always stay on that mission, everyone else would be beating me down, so I would actually need these brothers and sisters in my life and tell them hey don’t let me slow down, and I won’t let you slow down, we’ve got to stay on this mission together. See this is why I wasn’t into fellowship before–because I didn’t need any more friends. Okay, it wasn’t like “Oh yeah, let’s get another gathering together so I can have someone to talk to.” Like, I didn’t need accountability groups so I wouldn’t sleep around or whatever it was–I could do that, I can do that on my own. Like–not sleep around, you know what I mean? You know I don’t need that to do American church, I don’t need fellowship. But to stay on mission everyday? I need people because I’m going to get distracted–there are so many things I would rather do than make disciples. And so I need people in my life to tell me this. That’s what I would get out of Scripture, is I got to go out and start making disciples. And as I did that I really believe that I would start gathering with other people doing the same thing."

Good point. I think I agree.  What do you think?  If mission comes first, will the gathering naturally follow?

I do believe Scripture is clear that believers should gather together.  My Why One Another post hit on a few of the reasons for getting together (to do the one anothers).

But is there a problem if we place the cart before the horse?  What if we prioritize the gathering, and hope missions will naturally follow if our gatherings are good.  Is there a risk of becoming a club that primarily serves itself.

I think this is a fair question for large structured gatherings, and for small less structured get togethers.

Or what if we equate the gathering as the mission?  Is that a problem?

What is your mission?

I'd love to hear your thoughts.

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