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Sunday, May 17, 2009

Playdough Scripture

As I read scripture I keep coming across verses that don't fit too well in the theological box that I'm familiar with.

If it doesn't fit in our box, what options do we have?

We don't want to get rid of the box do we? That would be too dangerous.

So there's Playdough Scripture to the rescue!
Just squish and reshape scripture to fit into your box.
Try it yourself! Fun for the whole family of God.


OK, that may sound harsh and borderline sacrilegious. Sorry, you may not find any of this humorous.

But I see four options when confronted with a passage that doesn't fit in my box:
  1. Ignore the passage
  2. Re-word and re-explain it to force it to fit the box (playdough method)
  3. Get a different box
  4. Admit I don`t understand it, don't know what box to use, and just keep collections of truths and questions scattered around like an unfinished puzzle.
Option 4 looks the best to me, but here are some posts that look like option 2 to highlight some verses that I feel don't fit well in some common boxes. Similar to what Alan Knox has done with his Scripture as We Live It posts.

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Al said...

I love this idea! It is so useful for twisting--I mean reading scripture! (blogger won't let me do strikeout html.)

And it even comes in a red-letter edition!!

Kind of like when people reading the KJV emphasize the words in italics, thinking they are particularly inspired.

All of your playdough scriptures have so enhanced my understanding of what God really intended. Thanks!!

Jonathan said...

Glad to see someone found some enjoyment from my twisted mind. Good family fun ... ??

Actually I'm using blogger too, if you switch to 'Edit HTML' when creating a post you can put <del> and </del> tags around text to do the strikeout.

Thanks for the comment!
God bless!