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Wednesday, September 5, 2012

A Simple Guide To Hearing God

I'll write a short review of a short free e-book by Felicity Dale called A Simple Guide To Hearing God.

I love the length. At 44 pages there was no hesitation to jump in. With a longer book I sometimes put it off until I feel I have time to commit.  

And I love the price.  Thanks Felicity for your desire to share this message freely.

This e-book is in a different format.  It is a pdf file with links to videos on vimeo.  So you need to read it on a computer or device that supports the linking from a pdf to a video.  I appreciated this format, I didn't mind reading this short book on a laptop.  I appreciated seeing the videos of others sharing their stories and perspectives on this topic.

Here is where I found it. You need to subscribe to the blog, and you will be sent a link to the pdf e-book.


The topic also is one that I have sensed God has been pushing me to discover more about lately.  It is fitting that this topic that I sense God is talking to me about is the topic of God talking to us.  This summer a few books have come my way, and a few people have been sharing stories with me highlighting the importance of listening to the Holy Spirit. So when I saw this book available, I listened.

I must confess there are parts of this book I am not comfortable with.  I am not saying I disagree with them, but there are parts that go beyond my comfort zone.  For example, I have never spoken in tongues, and I basically don't understand it.  I have seen it a few times, I have some respected friends who claim to do this, and I don't want to judge it, but for now honestly don't understand it.  There is also the element of visions and spiritual warfare with demonic activity that honestly make me a little uncomfortable.  These things have not been part of the norm of my Christian background.

Here are a couple of quotes that stand out to me:
One of the main paradigm shifts within simple/organic churches is the belief that ordinary men and women hear God. They can be entrusted with the affairs of the Kingdom. It does not need specially trained people to manage the church. The Holy Spirit is able to run the church by speaking directly to His people. He will do a far better job of it than our organizations and denominations ever can.
I think this is why I feel God pushing me towards listening more to the Holy Spirit. Throughout my life I haven't needed to rely on God speaking to me directly very often. There have been a few times that I can think of where I felt God has spoken to me in a real way.  But in the day to day Christian life I have been able to get by with God speaking to others, and I have for the most part followed what other Christians were doing.

Now that I am seeing beyond the walls of traditional church, I often feel alone.  But when I feel alone, I realize God is with me and has a plan for me.  I need to learn to hear His voice.  It has been there all along, I just haven't had to rely on it as much before.

So what did I hear as I read this book?

If there is one thing this short book has taught me is that it is important to spend time listening for God to speak.  Our minds are usually full, either with our own thoughts or with audio/visual media we are absorbing.  If I want to hear regularly from God, I should regularly spend time listening for His voice.  I know He can yell over all the other noise if/when He wants to, but it seems like common courtesy in a relationship to devote some time to communicate back and forth.

A common theme from the different experiences shared was that they would frequently attempt to empty their minds of their own thoughts, worries, and ambitions and wait for God to speak through a prompting, impression, or picture.  This can be done in private times, and also when gathering with other believers.

It seems like common sense, but unfortunately it is often not how we as Christians live.

It comes down to who is really Lord.

Do we live our daily personal lives by our own agendas, plans and ambitions?  Or do we listen to and follow the lead of our Lord?

When we gather with other believers, do we follow the agendas, plans and ambitions of some? Or do we listen to and follow the lead of our Lord?

There was more good stuff in this ebook. Instead of me writing more here, I'll encourage you to go get the book yourself.

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