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Saturday, September 24, 2011

Church and Kingdom

I want to try to start working the word kingdom into my daily vocabulary. I welcome any suggestions.

The word church makes my head spin.

Recently I'm always stumbling with my wording around the use of the word church. Whether talking about dropping someone off at a building where some believers often gather. Or discussing plans for a specific Sunday event when believers gather. Or talking about a sub-group of believers who make decisions and plans and organize programs for other believers. But I don't see the word church in Scripture being used to refer to a building, a Sunday morning event, or an organization.

Lately when I talk with my family, I've been trying to use the word 'church' to refer only to people. If I'm going to start using it to refer to a gathering of believers I believe it can be used whenever believers assemble to build each other up to become more like Christ.

But I'm finding it quite difficult. The term church gets used quite often. My family is starting to understand why I talk so differently, but I don't expect others to understand so I often end up giving in and speaking the common language.


I find the term kingdom doesn't get used very often.

We have 100 records of Jesus speaking the word kingdom, and only two passages where he spoke of church.

However, since kingdom doesn't get used very often today, there may be less confusion with the term. If I talk of God's kingdom, nobody will be thinking building, local organization, or Sunday morning event.

We can simply talk of God's rule in our lives, how He reigns, or how He is Lord/Master/King. I believe the Kingdom of God is a present reality that will expand into eternity.

I'm not suggesting everybody needs to drop using the word church. I love seeing discussions around what the word church should be about. Yet for myself I find my head spinning when I hear the word church used in daily language. I'm always trying to figure out if they are talking about a building, organization, event or about people and/or when they get together.

So I sense I should shift my focus toward the Kingdom and the King. I know there is overlap between the kingdom and the church. But I find the Kingdom easier to focus on, and since that is what Jesus spent most of His time talking about I feel this may be a healthy change of focus.

I still don't know how best to respond to scenarios where I find myself discussing a particular building, event, or organization... I welcome any suggestions.

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