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THIS BLOG IS: my personal journey of how I am rethinking some of my spiritual beliefs.
THIS BLOG IS NOT: intended to point fingers at people who I think are wrong.
I do not believe the final judgement will be based on how many correct answers we get on a theology exam. I believe many people throughout history have had genuine relationships with our Lord and Saviour Jesus, despite holding questionable beliefs and practices. I make no claim to having it all figured out or being your judge. If we end up disagreeing over these topics I pray we can find a way to demonstrate grace.

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Hades brother of Zeus

I just learned that Hades was the older brother of Zeus in Greek Mythology. He was the god of the underworld, the unseen realm where the dead go when they leave this world. Eventually the term also came to refer to the abode of the dead.

So when Hades is mentioned by Jesus and other New Testament writers, were they referring to the Hades of Greek mythology? To what degree did they believe this stuff?

I'm just journaling this for now. I don't know what to do with this.

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