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Friday, April 10, 2009

Passover Haggadah

I've recently discovered that Passover was observed by Christians for a few centuries after Christ. I knew that Jesus celebrated Passover, but had never considered that it would be a good thing for us to do as well.

So without much planning, I started doing some research on wikipedia and this website this morning:

I felt very overwhelmed by the amount of new information, but we decided to jump right into it and try to do something with our family of this nature.

I've always found it unfortunate that for such an important time of year (Good Friday and Easter), there isn't a lot of Christian symbolism for children. The easter bunny, eggs, and chocolates dominate. How much fun can be had with of crosses, nails, and grave stones?

Well, the passover meal or Haggadah is full of great symbolism. The above link is a Christian version of the event.

The only down side was that it was a bit long. It took a bit to prepare, and then an hour and a half of readings and our small meal together. I wonder if there is a video version that would keep the kids attention better. :)

I think we all got something out of it though. Maybe next year we'll be better prepared and organized and it may run smoother.

"This cup reminds us of the blood of our Lord Jesus Christ that was spilled because of us and on our behalf. Drink this, remembering that God was in Christ reconciling the world to Himself, and in so doing accept the grace that transforms us and brings us from darkness into His marvelous light, and allows us to be people of God."


Jerald said...

My little fellowship will have an explanation of the Seder meal tonight at our church. It should be very interesting and educational. I've even tried to purchase some Matza to make our next communtion a little more authentic.

Jonathan said...

Good to hear Jarald. My local church had someone come and give us an explaination a few years ago as well. It was great, and sparked my interest some. But I didn't do anything with it myself until this year. I think it's valuable stuff. Good for both adults kids, if they can handle the length...

Tiffany Jane said...

My family has done a passover seder for the past few years.

The past two or three we have had people come and its become a big get together. this year we had around 40 people (talk about alot of preparation)

but every year i have to admit it feels worth it at the end

the symbolism and richness of something thats been done for so long by Gods people is great.

i remember it seeming long and a bit bumpy when we first tried doing it, but now, although longer than just an average meal of course, it doesnt seem as drawn out as we've become familiar with it.

Jonathan said...

Thanks Tiffany. I think that's great that you've been able to carry on this tradition. We're planning on doing it again, and will likely invite a few more people. We had a good time this year - but I'm glad I wasn't leading in front of 40 people since we were a bit disorganized.
Thanks for stopping by, God bless!